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The fifth release on Canopy takes the tropical Techni-colour palette established by the label and pushes it further, as Alafia, a captivating studio project from the mid-80s in Paris, spearheaded by musical maverick Phil Han Mandounou.

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Catalog #: CNPY005 Label: Canopy Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


The fifth release on Canopy continues to up the ante and expand on the tropical Techni-colour palette already set out by the label.

Alafia was a studio project from the mid 80s in Paris. Masterminded and written by musical maverick Phil Han Mandounou and bringing together musicians from Benin, Cameroon and the French Antilles. The project is a superbly orchestrated and expertly delivered exploration of funk and afro off-beats with 80s synth leanings. Precise musicianship and forward leaning afro synth funk wizardry. Dextrous, extrovert, playful and masterful.

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