Mystery Dub Ep
by D.K.


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French producer D.K. presents “Mystery Dub,” a captivating 4-track EP on Second Circle, offering a blend of percussive cosmic/balearic/new age house cuts and evocative compositions that highlight his signature soundscapes, including atmospheric strings, warm pads, dreamy landscapes, and mesmerizing rhythms

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Catalog #: SC009 Label: Second Circle Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Music From Memory’s sister label Second Circle returns with their first release of 2018, this time with a 4 tracker EP from French producer and Antinote via Melody As Truth affiliate D.K. aka Dang Khoa Chau.Titled ‘Mystery Dub’, this new record features two percussive house cuts on the A side with two more evocative compositions on the flip. Recorded in his studio in the 11th district of Paris, the release showcases a wide yet characteristic palette of sounds and textures the Parisian artist has been sharpening over the years: atmospheric/hypnotic strings, warm pads, dreamy landscapes and spacial rhythms.

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