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Belgian New Beat EBM Compilation of Dirk De Saever’s EP releases from 1989. All 3 EPs in one record with original mixes on A-side and instrumentals on B-side.

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Dirk De Saever’s discography may be modest, but his EPs exude a distinctive and captivating sonic aesthetic. As New Beat established its dominance and set European dancefloors ablaze, countless attempts were made to craft “the hit” within the genre. Yet, amidst this wave of contenders, one eventually uncovers Dirk’s miniature trove of high-quality Belgian New Beat.

This 12″ compilation amalgamates De Saever’s three EPs into a single cohesive package, boasting original mixes on the A-side and alluring instrumentals on the B-side. The opening track presents a deceptively simple synthesized melody that could have easily scaled the heights of the New Beat charts. However, perhaps a tinge of vulgarity within the sampled lyrics hindered its radio play prospects. Then again, it’s entirely possible that Dirk simply shrugged off such concerns. This composition possesses an uncanny familiarity that makes you believe you already know it, while simultaneously delivering a fresh and invigorating experience to the discerning listener.

Throughout this compilation, De Saever’s sonic journey remains tethered to a steady cruise around the 110 bpm marker. There’s an air of patient anticipation, as if the music lingers, awaiting the next twist or turn, devoid of haste or destination. It’s an invitation to revel in the moment, allowing the music to guide your senses with gentle assurance.

In conclusion, Dirk De Saever’s compact collection of EPs stands as a testament to his singular artistry within the realm of Belgian New Beat. While his discography may be small, it possesses a distinctive allure, evoking the spirit of a dancefloor revolution. So surrender to the irresistible pull of this compilation, embrace the unexpected encounters it conjures, and let the New Beat saga unfold before you—always at a leisurely pace, inviting you to savor every enthralling moment.

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