Sigarasi Yaldizli / Mastika
by Oldu O Zaman


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With something of a lighter, almost club friendly touch, the second track Mastika is a new take on the well-known Turkish gypsy song of the same name.

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Catalog #: BJR45-023 Label: Bongo Joe Format: 7" Vinyl EU Categories:


Cansu Ak, Tolga Horasanlı and Mehmet Koray Erol came together in 2019 to produce their own music with creating the band “oldu o zaman”. Since they gathered as a band, 2 songs written, composed and arranged by them have been released by Avrupa Müzik. After that, the band decided to make their mutual dream which is covering and arranging Turkish traditional well-known folk songs with psychedelic and electronic elements to create a unique sound with their own touch.

There was a psychedelic music trend in 70’s used in traditional Anatolian folk songs. Oldu o Zaman rearranged famous tavern song “Sigarası Yaldızlı” and a well known Turkish gipsy song “Mastika” by using this trend in electronic form.

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