Devil’s Music Flies with Fire
by Trent


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Masterful sample based collages of old disco tracks by Trent, resulting in highly effective dancefloor DJ tools adorned with heavy percussive elements.

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Catalog #: BLESSYOU009 Label: Bless You Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


A Cocktail D’Amore resident – Trent – also a busy producer and mixing engineer based in Berlin, brings us some of his latest creations fresh from the studio. Heavy on the percussive side, the A-side distills a collage of disco samples overlayed with tripped out synth effects and bass lines under trance inducing vocals. At just under 130BPM Trent takes the foundations of dancefloor music and re-constructs a highly effective DJ tool that will set the tone for new things to happen on any dancefloor. On the B-side “Equinox” at 110BPM brings things down a notch with a darker tripped out chugger that might serve as a mild DMT trip soundtrack or a Monday morning session in the Cosmic Hole. Mastered by Man Made Mastering.

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