The Path Of Least Resistance Meets The Point Of No Return
by Blue


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Chris Mann and Paul Darking, known as Blue, unveil their previously unfinished album, “The Path Of Least Resistance Meets The Point Of No Return,” a collection of tracks meticulously crafted between 1997 and 2001, now brought to completion, demonstrating their timeless vision and a remarkable cohesiveness achieved by layering various mixes of the same tracks, resulting in a breathtaking and surprisingly unified final result.

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Catalog #: SFIC-002 Label: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities Format: 2LP Vinyl EU Categories:


A set of ambient explorations by Chris Mann and Paul Darking.

28 years ago Chris Mann and Paul Darking released their debut EP on Andrew Weatherall’s (RIP) Sabres Of Paradise. A year later another EP came out on the same imprint, followed by two albums on Weatherall’s label Emissions Audio Output and a bunch of EP’s on Emissions’ sub- labels. Two more albums saw the light of day on Iris Light Records, but the start of the new millennium brought a stop to the creative output of the production duo known as Blue.

Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities is extremely proud to present The Path Of Least Resistance Meets The Point Of No Return, an album collecting a coherent set of tracks made between 1997 and 2001, carefully saved on DAT-tapes. Recorded as building blocks of an ambient album that was never wrapped up at the time, today Mann and Darking stepped back into the studio to complete a story that has been left untold for so many years. Using in some occasions various mixes of the same track laid out over each other to come to its conclusive version, the final re-sult is breathtaking and surprisingly coherent. The ideas had clearly always been there, it only required the right time / a point of no return to put them all together.

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