Futur Ultra
by Delkom


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Joint effort between DAF’s Gabi Delgado and Saba Komossa, original Berlin acid/house music from 1990. Powerfully tasteful and unique sounds from a golden age.

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Delkom’s only known previously released album. Originally released in 1990 by the wonder duo consisting of Saba Komossa and Gabi Delgado. The album is released as a continuous mix with each track delineated on the grooves.
Imagine Berlin in 1990, the wall is about to come down, no social media, no CDJs, new drugs are being standardized and this is the soundtrack to your night out in this debaucherous capital, exploding with energies that anthropology PhD students still haven’t been able to fully describe. The entire record sounds like a dub mix that almost wasn’t allowed to be released by the record label, unorthodox in its methods, too experimental for most studios yet highly effective on the best of dancefloors. All killer, no filler. Sexually charged lyrics, driving percussive rawness over heftily synthesized bass lines, all boxes are checked for total club mayhem. Pioneers in their own right, clearly marking their territory in Berlin dancefloor culture from its early post reunification days.

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