1 (Spiral Tribe)
by R-Zac


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Originally released in 1994, Sound Metaphors’ sub label project brings this back in its original vinyl format, carefully remastered, Freetekno at its best.

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Catalog #: SM23-01 Label: Sound Metaphors Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Jump starting a new sublabel non-profit project from Sound Metaphors dedicated to re-issuing Network 23/Spiral Tribe material from the 90’s free party scene with this collection of 3 psychedelic excursions by R-Zac the collaborative name for 69dB and Crystal Distortion joining forces in the studio. Starting off with a percussive lo-fi tripped out excursion at 121BPM on the A-side. Flipping over and shifting gears to the 160BPM plateau with an atmospheric hihat tornado of flangers and tribal nuances throughout two more studies on the B-side.

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