Igbo Nwe Egwu / Instant Reaction / Instant Rap
by I.S.C.A.C. Band, La Bruno


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Igbo Nwe Egwu is a crazy mix of of Highlife, Boogie and Electronic sound from 1986, sung in the Igbo language. Total dig!

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Catalog #: DTWM001 Label: Dig This Way Records Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


The first release of this Maxi 12” series arrives on March 20th 2020, in the form of an experimental highlife / boogie called IMO SPECIAL RELEASE and includes some gems taken from two wonderful and unknown LP from the heart of the Igboland.

On Side A featured Soki Ohale with his I.S.C.A.C. Band : the track is called Igbo Nwe Egwu and is a blended mix of Highlife, Boogie and Electronic sound from 1986, sung in the Igbo language that shows a traditional village style melted together with modern rythim. It was pressed on a limited and raw LP sponsored by Imo State Council for Art And Culture. Strongly recommended for a powerful and no-limit dance floor.

On Side B featured La Bruno – Instant Reaction + Instant Rap an endearing disco boogie sound full of crazy synths. The original LP is literally impossible to be found, we have been lucky to locate a clean copy in our secon trip to Nigeria few years ago and even more lucky to meet Mr. La Bruno himself just walking around Owerri, the capital of Imo State, located in the east side of Nigeria!

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