Unreleased Soundtrack Music From George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead
by Various Artists


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You’ll know (or not) Goblin and Dario Argento’s sublime electrorock soundtrack to George Romero’s midway point Zombie classic. What you probably won’t know is that all the incidental “shopping mall” music is from the infamous Music De Wolfe sound library albums (they are hella rare) and have never been collected in one place before, until now. The ultra obsessive Jonny Trunk (on another of his lifetime missions) chanced open hearing a rare 10″ album by Herbert Chappell and heard the sick ‘The Gonk’, as the sleevenotes describe “an eccentric clockwork march for the dead”. This was the spark that Johnny needed and now in 2004 we have 14 tracks of crazed deep crate digging, insane music from a insane movie, oh happy joy. From deep soundscape ambience ala The Radiophonic Workshop to simply daft eurodiscotrash it’s all here in nasty brain chomping technicolour gloory. Spooky and essential musick.
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