Here I Am
by Ghia


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9 track album produced in Austria, somewhere in the realms of balearic, synth pop and italo, originally released in 1988, “a special lady, a special sound”.

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After the re-issue of Ghia’s “Don’t Leave Me Alone” we continue the Austrian collaboration with Ghia’s only known album release to date. Originally from 1988, this album features 9 tracks that further deepen the aesthetic direction strongly established by the now digger-delight single released the year before. An album that was somewhat mysterious due to little information online, yet coveted amongst diggers that had already been exposed to the magic of “Don’t Leave Me Alone”. From slow dance ballad pop smoothness to high paced quasi-house keyboard and guitar infused playfulness, “Here I Am” has a sound that’s unique yet refined, characteristic of an ace studio recording environment. Essential in any well seasoned record collection. Severely remastered.

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