Sabato Italiano
by I Coccodrilli


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Catalog #: FTR1008 Label: Futuribile Format: 7" Vinyl EU Categories:


Blue curaçao, gin, triple sec, ice and a lemon zest. A cocktail with out-of-the-ordinary gradations is a prerogative of the Grand Hotel. Suggestive, Exclusive and luxurious.
If your dream is to spend a perfect weekend that offers you more than just sun and relaxation the most suitable solution for you is this fantastic establishment located just a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Its splendid swimming pool is positioned on a terrace that offers an incredible and beautiful coastal panorama, a permanent agora from June to September where love flourishes and dies. The lapping of the placid waters is hypnotic, a sparkling sound that mingles with the ticking of the empty cups of Angelo Azzurro while easy listening music is played in the background.
I Coccodrilli are the main band, they entertain the audience with a mix of positivity in their funky notes during those times when the jukebox’s on pause and it stops marking the passing of the hours. Sabato Italiano is their latest hit and it’s now available on 7”.
Bikinis, the dancing and the kisses. The endless season of youth.

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