Il Mondo Da Una Nuvola
by Patrizia Pellegrino


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Italian disco classic featuring big-screen celebrity Patrizia Pellegrino, highly coveted amongst diggers worldwide, remastered with extended edit.

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Catalog #: MISSYOU023 Label: Thank You Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Another re-issue from the catalogue of the Italian Disco maestro Constantino Paolini. Taking the iconic voice of Italian movie celebrity Patrizia Pellegrino yet again to vocalize another Roman disco-pop anthem amongst diggers worldwide. Simple yet perfectly put together into an ear catching melody only paralleling Constantino’s decades of expertise in music business. Early synth playfulness with Cosmic nuances arpeggiated under a mysterious and dreamy Italian female vocal that reverizes about seeing the world from the perspective of a cloud with a romanticized fondness for its diversity.
Originally released as a 7” and brought back to your record collections at an affordable price in 12” format, remastered and while respectful to the original release this re-issue also branches away from the short radio play format as it features an additional extended edit for the more indulgent dancefloor.

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