Stripiz (Strapazzo)
by Lele Pathà


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Reissue of rare 70s Italian disco holy grail – one press only

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Catalog #: DSM 019 Label: Disco Segreta Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Reissue of rare 70s Italian disco holy grail – one press only

Stripiz (Strapazzo)” – a made-up word meaning “Scramble” – was originally recorded in 1978 for the tiny Roman label SGR by Lele Pathà, moniker of musician Emanuele Degni, for what will be his only release, only issued on 45 in just a few hundred copies, specifically targeted to a clubbing environment.

“Stripiz” is a truly unique record in the panorama of Italian 1970s disco during its climax years and is nothing short of pure madness: a fully instrumental track made out of synthesizers, moog lines, bells, drums topped by a male voice that goes “Striiiipiiiiiz”, a picture perfect portrait of the immensely free Italian creative outpour in disco music at the end of the 1970s, not to mention the wonderfully lisergic cover art!

The first ever 12” reissue of “Stripiz” comes lovingly remastered, respectful of the actual tracks’ 70s vibe, and features the original 45 version plus a contemporary reintepretation by Italian mastermind Marcello Giordani DJ that turns “Stripiz” into a dark disco monster!

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