No, Stasera No
by Sal Panzera


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Repress from obscure and sought after Italian disco tracks – one press only!

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Catalog #: DSM 020 Label: Disco Segreta Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Repress from obscure and sought after Italian disco tracks – one press only!

Salvatore “Sal” Vito Panzera is originally from Lequile in Apulia, and as many Italians of his generation, his parents moved to Canada in 1967. He was already there by the time of his first single “Era Scritto Cosi/Il Vento” in 1969. There he formed a band with “paisà” Giovanni “Johnny” d’Orazio and his brother Sergio Panzera, playing every Saturday for italian weddings in Montreal.

It was during one of these gigs he met Jerry Cucuzzella, a disco producer from Montreal (Bent Boys, Suzy Q, Punkin’ Machine). Giovanni and Jerry would end up working together on a lot of other disco and hi-nrg productions such as Nightlife Unlimited, Stephanie Wells, Valerie Krystal, Evelyn Smith, Motion, while Sal wrote and sang “Space Traveller”, an english and french cover of the Italian disco track “Capire, Amare, Soffrire” by Il Seme dell’Amore, for his studio group Animation.

“No, Stasera No” was originally released as a 7” in a few hundreds copies with no cover, handed out as a promotional tool in order to publicize Sal and Giovanni’s own label “Piuma”, when they decided to step into production. Timing didn’t help the fate of this 7”, as it got released in 1981, at the very end of the golden era of disco music, letting it disappear into obscurity and making it a super sought-after disco holy grail.

More than 40 years after its original release, Disco Segreta makes the disco miracle happen once again, reissuing “No, Stasera No” and giving this track the 12” treatment it originally deserved.

The 12” features the respectfully remastered original 45 version plus a dancefloor-friendly “Re-Clap edit” by Italian wonderboys Gugliemo Mascio & Cosimo Mandorino.

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