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Following the critical dismissal of their previous record, Brotherhood, New Order was at something of a crossroads in their career. TECHNIQUE (1989) found them back in favour as antecedents to a pair of oddly related trends: songs about the British tradition of holidays in Spain, and acid-house music. The first of these trends was adopted by everyone from Blur to the Pet Shop Boys. As for the second, while vacationing in Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, the band was impressed by a fleeting dance style then prevalent in the clubs there. Technique was the band’s own take on that sound, and eventually, this adaptation became one of the touchstones of acid-house music.
The album is an effective mix of strange, sampled sounds (something at which the band had always excelled), propulsive beats, and Bernard Sumner’s ever-improving vocal style. “Fine Time,” “Round & Round,” and “Mr. Disco” are New Order at their most assertive, while “All the Way” and “Love Less” show their more pop-oriented side. The album’s standout track “Run” sounds as though the band had rediscovered the power of simple bursts of guitar, with searing solos cutting into the smooth beats.
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