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Previously unreleased mixes of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, 2 “DJ tool” style mixes that make no sense, found on old master tapes from back in the day.

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Catalog #: ONLYPROMO-01 Label: Have A Nice Day Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Few dancefloor tracks can be identified by their kick drum alone, “Blue Monday” is clearly one of them. These mixes seem to paint two very distinct pictures of this classic, yet also very understandable why they were never released – not the easiest thing to digest on a dancefloor. The authorship of these mixes isn’t clear, but rumors have it to most likely be some ridiculous late night experiment from the sound engineer interning at the time. Taken from master tapes that surfaced almost 40 years later, (God bless magnetic tape). Some mixes were never released for a reason.

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