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Catalog #: SNDW 12052 Label: Soundway Records Format: 12" Vinyl UK Categories:


As Pigeon develop and hone their sound further, Afro- disco remains at the core while jazz and no-wave make way for new elements of electro, rock and synth pop.

With their debut Yagana EP gaining critical acclaim, each member has found themselves heavily in demand on top of their own individual pursuits – Falle Nioke is releasing his solo work as well as other projects, while Steve Pringle and Graham Godfrey play in various bands (Michael Kiwanuka and SAULT to name a few). Adding to the creative melting pot, Tom Dream pursues filmmaking and bespoke music composition via his own studio, and Josh Ludlow runs his own record label M.A.D. Records.

Lead single ‘Backslider’, a laid-back, 80s funk-rock bassline is backed by a deliberate, plodding drum kit – frontman Falle Nioke proceeds to sing in English and French – calling someone a ‘backslider’, for their dishonesty and bad behaviour.

Track ‘Ikanabore’, is a fast-paced, Afro-disco workout primed for the dancefloor, driven by a catchy chorus, guitar hooks, a heavy rollicking kick drum and plenty of modulated synth – highlighting the band’s ability to effortlessly cross between tempos and genres.

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