Monsters From The Future
by Danger Boys


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Catalog #: PF007 Label: Pinchy & Friends Format: 12" Vinyl US Categories:


The insanely-prolific (as well as simply, insane) Danger Boys are most likely no stranger to your ears. In the past few years, the Neapolitan duo of (Raffaele Arcella) Whodamanny and (Enrico Fierro) Milord has churned out innumerable releases (both as solo artists and with their projects The Normalmen and Mystic Jungle Trivbe, of which the duo comprises 2/3) that have infected dance floors the world over.

Here, the duo inhabits their latest incarnation/incantation: Danger Boys. The result: a postapocalyptic, post-punk, disco-not-disco masterpiece that sounds like a record you dug out of a dusty flea market bin in Mexico City in 1982 – or maybe 2082 – hard to truly say.
As always, Vinyl only. Picture sleeve with OBI strip.

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