Jaz Edits 2
by Jaz


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Essential deep dig cosmic/disco edits by your favourite Episcopalian Minister/DJ: Jaz.

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Catalog #: PF008 Label: Pinchy & Friends Format: 12" Vinyl US Categories:


P&F Recordings takes a quick break from original material to welcome back everyone’s favourite Episcopalian Minister/DJ: JAZ.
When it comes to left-field floor fillers, JAZ (née John Zahl) is in a league of his own. Over the past 13 years, he’s churned out celebrated home listening mixes, jaw-dropping DJ sets, and extended edits with a pace that belies the usual slow-motion tempo of the majority of his selections.
Here, he serves up four colourful, cosmic, dance floor delights. EP opener ‘Cloud Worship’ marries a chugging prog-rock-esque bassline with virtuosic synth work. Then ‘Pick a Toy’ gets us sweating with some serious Caribbean flair.
On the flip side, ‘Puzzle’ delivers exotic chants and an infectious, serpentine beat and lastly ‘Friday Night’ closes things out with infectious, retro positivity. Need!

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