Amore Mandarino
by I Tirelli


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Italian pop-rock/reggae studio album by brothers Alberto & Gianni Tirelli from ’81, wide range of pop related genres covered, beautifully recorded, remastered.

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Recorded in the infamous Stone Castle Studio in Carimate (Como) by the two brothers Alberto & Gianni Tirelli, this is the last album recorded before the passing of Alberto. (Gianni is also known for certain Italo Disco masterpieces such as “Magic Dance” by Loui$.) Amore Mandarino is An act of bold and improvised genius, being entirely recorded in one night with little to no preparation. What resulted will be forever immortalized in your record collection with this exploration of exquisite fraternal expression throughout a multitude of genres. “Marzia Non C’E” is a 6 minute long downtempo dreamy soundtrack to the deepest of summer balearic sunrises. “Dimmi Per Chi” an Italian Reggae not-Reggae excursion served with ultra smooth spoken word lyrics. “Un Colpo Al Cuore” channeling nuances of Italian bastard cousin of Dire Straits in captivating danceable rock form. Arrangement and production standards running high, clearly a product of a golden age in Italian studio recording and session musicianship. Can’t go wrong. Includes insert with letter from Gianni to Alberto, R.I.P..

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