Transilvania / Energy
by Spray Orchestra & Max Manuel


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Another re-issue of Constantino Paolini’s classic Italian disco catalogue, Spray Orchestra and Max Manuel instrumentals. Essential italo-/space disco alert.

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Catalog #: MISSYOU021 Label: Miss You Format: 12" Vinyl EU Categories:


Sound Metaphors’ collaboration with Constantino Paolini opens the Italian classics vaults yet again to bring back two more anthems of Italian dancefloor history. This time a selection of two Instrumental versions of the productions done with Patrizia Pellegrino. Spray Orchestra’s “Transilvania” is the instrumental version of Patrizia Pellegrino’s “Il Mondo Da Una Nuovola” and Max Manuel’s “Energy”, an abstracted instrumental version of Patrizia Pellegrino’s “Automaticamore”, both highly coveted in digger circles and originally released as 7”. Now brought to your collections in hefty 12” 45rpm remastered versions. Complemented with a slowed down acid remix of “Transilvania” by DJ Asshole.

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