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Shakeena delivers again, highly unique reggae album from 1987 featuring 8 beautiful numbers from the Shakaman/Shakeena repertoire, remastered.

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Another one from the fruitful collaboration with LA’s highly regarded Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman. After Shakeena’s “I bet you” 12″ re-issue flying off the shelves, we deepen the exploration within Shakaman’s treasure chest of Reggae/Dub gems with Shakeena’s first and last album on Majicaa Records. Originally released in 1987, this album is a proper act of musical generosity, not so easy to point out the “hit” track here – clearly a case of all killer no filler. Unlike too many albums where the format length sadly gets the best of the artists’ work, rest assured with this one you can play from the beginning to end and you’ll only have to come back to flip it. The professional execution of what is hands down an ensemble of highly seasoned musicians sets the tone for the dreamy lyrics and arrangements to unravel. Besides expected reggae rhythms, Shakaman brings in other influences with subtle electro/freestyle hints that might have been hard to ignore in LA at the time. New remastered version sounding especially big and cozy on the low end. Can’t go wrong!

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